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The Lonely Tree Café is a social enterprise set up by the Apostolic Prefecture of Battambang with the help of S.A.U.C.E and Catholic Mission Australia with the goals of formation, empowerment, employment, and obtaining profits to help finance the humanitarian activities led by Apostolic Prefect Monsignor Enrique “Kike” Figaredo SJ.


We want to create a welcoming environment inspirared by “Laudato Si” for our customers by offering good service and food quality, as well as the opportunity to acquire unique Cambodian handicrafts made with the best fabrics.


The Projects supported cover a wide range of humanitarian aid including education, support for the people with disabilities, healthcare and preservation of Cambodian cultural heritage. At the Lonely Tree Café we give employment to underprivileged people and those with disabilities. The staff consist of vulnerable youth and most of the products sold in the Lonely Tree store are crafted by people with disabilities.


More information about S.A.U.C.E’s and the Prefecture’s activities at and


We're open 10am til late Mon-Sun.



Phone: 010 553 755

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